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Different Strokes for Different Folks

Yep, same net, at same height, on same court for each player.

I happen to be a tennis fan. I watch the champions and marvel at how they say similar things, work with the same equipment, play on the same surface, hit a ball with a racket across a net. Yet no two are alike, in what they say, do or how they play.

I marvel at that because, despite each unique variation and the range of styles, they’re all stillll champions. And perhaps that’s a key to why. They start with knowing themselves, their unique talent, personality, needs, understanding of the world, and build from there. They then take what needs to be done to play tennis & shape it to their various needs & gifts.

There’s no way Roger Federer could be a champion if he played and lived his life like Rafael Nadal and vice versa….let alone Novak Djokovic.  Same is true for Serena Williams.  She’s an entirely different player from her very sister, Venus.

I value the unique & diverse ways we all learn. Everyone is different and I help each person find their way to do what they want and can do.   It’s at the center of what I do. These tennis champions remind me of how essential that mission is.

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