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Discovery & Learning

It's hard for me to believe that right now, there isn't a plethora of budding & current scientists & engineers driven by their adrenalin looking for ways to fight this pandemic. Or entrepreneurs dreaming up inventions that could help people cope with what Covid-19 has wrought.

In fact I know they're out there. They probably live in your own home!

I have a student who keeps a notepad by her bed because she wakes up in the middle of the night with brilliant, out-of-the-box ideas for this & that. She arrives at our sessions (now online) thrilled to share her latest ideas. Most are quite feasible. I applaud her creative and "can do" spirit.

Another student spends hours playing video games. He convinced me spending his time this way has merit. In fact he wrote his application to college on this: How video games build community, especially for those with agoraphobia, PTSD or are isolated in some other way. He was accepted in every college he applied...and lo & behold is majoring in "games." (Yeah, colleges & universities understand the benefits of games too! They even have degree programs in these fields.)

He showed me how video games teach him about decision making, problem solving, metacognition, predictions, statistics.... He opened my mind to all that's out there. So we were both learning & discovering. You can read his thank you letter A Thank You That's Better Than Chocolate.

Discovery also means learning from mistakes. In fact, it means learning how mistakes could lead to other purposes. Just google how "Post-its" and "snow-making machines" were invented.

What discoveries and inventions could be going on in your house?

I invite you to share them with me. Let's get the word out. Let's inspire. Let's create. Let's do this!

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