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Here's one of my favorite articles that gives advice for what to put in an effective, compelling college application essay:

I love it because she's telling you to be you, and to write about you. The real you. Written in your real voice.

So, here's a fun exercise to help you identify to yourself who you really are, what you really care about, what makes your day, what gives you sizzle and zing, what makes someone want to accept you to be a part of the community you're applying to be a part of.

Pick photos from your online library that convey what you really & truly love. What matters most. What makes you happy. What puts a smile on your face, your heart melt, and gives you pure joy.

Use one of the many online platforms to make a slideshow of those pictures. Make it short, so that you just include those really important, meaningful things.

If you like, pair it with a favorite song...maybe even one you've written.

Show it to someone. Ask them to pick out those qualities, those things. Ask them to ask you why they matter so much to you. Share. Engage. Connect.

Feel how good that feels. To be seen. To be heard. To be met.

Bring that to your college essay.

I've provided a sample above.

A 1 minute video of what I love. See if you can pick out what I'm truly trying to convey.

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