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Listen to This (a fun activity)

Here’s a fun way to practice the “art” of genuinely listening, without adding your own thoughts or impressions on the matter.

Ask a good friend, your son or daughter, your partner…anyone who likes to learn something new…why they like something they really like, but you don’t.

Start with something easy.  Like why she likes Star Wars or why he likes electronic dance music. Or why your mother prefers Miracle Whip, or how your best friend can spend so much time on Facebook.

Just listen. Only listen.

Notice what comes up for you while you listen. Do you want to disagree with them? Dismiss it? Learn even more?  Feel any delight as you listen? What happens between the two of you as you engage in this exchange?

Ask someone to do the same for you.

Try it on a few different topics.  Have some fun!

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