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My Specialties

I specialize in helping individuals ages 15 & up overcome struggles and challenges in learning- period.  Including helping them:

  • develop time management skills, 

  • executive functioning skills,

  • organizational skills,

  • presentation skills,

  • stop procrastinating,

  • write thoughtful and concise papers(be they short or long),

  • learn all the skills needed to start and produce a cogent, well-documented research paper,

  • take notes in class or on the assigned readings,

  • express themselves orally and in written form with confidence and clarity,

  • feel comfortable speaking in class.

I provide a number of creative, thought-provoking, appropriately challenging and engaging assignments to help me discern what you or your child needs to think critically and creatively, write with polish and clarity, speak comfortably, and be successful in school, and in life.  Plus, they'll have fun, but feel and know they're working hard and being pushed to achieve their full potential.

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