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Yes, you will get through this. You will still love each other.

Guidelines, observations, and suggestions to get you through these weeks:

Kids will act out. Yes, even the one who never caused you a moment's worry. After college acceptance, or whatever the next step, it's normal for them to tune out school and you.

Here are some sanity-saving tips:

  • Humor is essential

  • Go out for ice cream, make it a banana split; have waffles for dinner

  • Make a slideshow of favorite moments; pair it with their favorite songs

  • Stock up on patience, deep breaths, tissues, plates to smash, refreshing martinis

  • Parents, ignore your parents' advice, unless it's solicited. This is your turn

  • Drinking, drinking & driving, fishbowls are still NO; as are lying, cheating & lashing out

  • It's not procrastination, it's dealing with busy work that feels useless & just might be

  • Write a bucket list with your teen; this is a time to dream

There will be emotions. For some it'll be a roller coaster; others, like riding a wave....

This isn't a sleepover, two weeks at summer camp, or a school trip. It is a huge passage. A transition into adulthood. Life as you've known it is changing— abruptly— and there's no rewind button. Some people will sail through this smoothly. Others, not so much. Both you and your child are navigating a big shift. There are no more teachers to turn to, no more guidance counselors for help, no PTOs for company. This is the last recital, the last play, the last tournament, the last schlep, the last high school grade. That ship has sailed, and your little baby is all grown up. Diplomas and graduation gowns are next, and then..............

Some kids will be eager to be done. Others will be sad to be leaving their best friends. Even if they hate school, they will miss the familiarity and predictability of the routine. Many—most—won't know quite what to make of their changing relationships with their peers, their town, their world, and yeah, especially their parents. But they do know it's a change, and a big one at that. Everyone should feel comfortable calling for HELP!

It's just a few more weeks before high school is over....and then life will get back to a new normal.

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