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Things To Do To Help You Learn at Home

It really helps if you know what things help you get in the frame of mind to learn. I've spent a lot of time discerning what does that for me. I encourage you to do the same. What genuinely works for you? Not what others tell you should and would help. But what really works for you.

To get you started thinking about that I'm sharing what I do. But I'm going to start with what doesn't work. I'm choosing to start here because it is one of the most common recommendations, but it does NOT work for me. Meditation. Been there, done that. Doesn't help me. Don't @ me either. Cuz I know what does work.

Music. Music transports me. Opens my mind, calms and inspires me, unblocks my thinking and feelings. It helps me breath more deeply, and notice what I hadn't been noticing before. Alleviates anxiety, stress and pain.

Anybody who knows me, knows I'm a "Davehead." I love the Dave Matthews Band, and anything played by Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds. So they're high on my playlist.

But I like lots of other bands and musicians too. I've got multiple playlists.

Walks. Especially walking in nature. But walks, period, even on a treadmill. I love to walk while listening to music. The iPod changed my life. I could now do two of my favorite things; walk while listening to my favorite music. Heaven.

Dogs. I love dogs. Always have. We've had four. Right now we have a border collie mix named Ryley. Prior to that there was our yellow lab Buddy. Prior to him there were Gracie and Woody.

Petting my dog, playing with him, rubbing his belly, cuddling with him, watching him eat his peanut butter-filled soothing. Fills me with warmth.

Walking my dog, while listening to music (or even not) gets me into an ideal headspace.

Water. The ocean, rivers, streams, pools...I love being in and seeing water.


Watching professional tennis. That's on hold right now, with all the cancelations. But when it returns, you can bet I'll be back, mesmerized. It gets me into flow, almost like nothing else.

Playing solitaire on my iPad. Could - and too often need to - do that for hours. Really calms me.

Mangoes, chocolate, cheeseburgers (I could be a vegetarian, but I'd still have a hankering for cheeseburgers), raspberries, linguine with clam sauce....

Notice, I didn't explain why or how these work. I don't bother. I just accept they do, and purse. You don't need to bother with the whys either.

Just figure out what works for you and do them.

Be honest with yourself. And don't let anyone @ you!

We all need this, all the time, but especially now, when we're being asking to dig deep and be our best.

P.S. I just noticed I wrote about this before. Obviously I think this is important. Especially now, when we're being asked to work and learn at home. And this is something I do with all my current students, via teleconferencing, to remind them to seek out and pursue what works for them. So I'm just gonna leave this one here, to underscore how important this is.

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