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What Helps You Learn?

What influences a person’s learning at their deepest levels? What shapes it, nurtures it, instructs it, inhibits or blocks it, or enriches it? I’ve spent my professional career and personal life exploring these questions.

I love chocolate cake, sunshine, clothes, the Dave Matthews Band, traveling, reading, watching tennis, and philosophy. All these things – and many more – help me learn and be the person who does her utmost to to help other people learn, think critically and creatively.

But I have to give a special shout out to dogs. All my life, they’ve helped me the most.

This is Ryley.

Before Ryley there was Woody, Gracie, and Buddy.....

I love dogs as much as I love to learn. I love dogs because they help me learn, listen and pay attention.  They help me over the hurdles, get unstuck and move forward.

What are these things for you? What are the things that help you learn?


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