I specialize in helping individuals ages 15 on up overcome struggles and challenges in learning. This includes supporting their development of time management, executive function, and organizational skills.​

executive function support

I provide creative, thought-provoking, appropriately challenging and engaging assignments to help me discern what my students need to think critically and creatively, write with polish and clarity, speak comfortably, and be successful in school. Plus, my students have fun, know they’re working hard, and enjoy the challenge to live up to their potential.

critical thinking skills

I teach a workshop to bridge the gap between what students learn in class and the fundamentals needed for sharp, concise, compelling writing. I teach critical thinking skills necessary for cogent, clear, effective, compelling writing. Have a few friends who want to learn together? I can give this workshop in small groups or individually.

writing workshops for individuals and small groups

I help students find their creative voice, using a variety of exercises. I help them express their ideas eloquently and guide them in writing compelling college application essays.

college application essays

​I help students learn the skills needed to research and document term papers. This includes teaching them research skills, understanding different types of sources, documenting their facts, thinking critically, developing an argument, and writing thoughtful and concise prose.​​

projects in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences

Tutoring provided for students 14 years and older in- person and via Skype or Zoom.

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