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My son went from being totally disinterested & tuned out of school, to tuned in, and finding subjects he loves, and wants to pursue seriously.  Joan honed in on why he was struggling and not enjoying school, and brought out his personality, so he felt comfortable bringing his real self to his work, develop coping skills to do the work he didn’t want to do, and to truly enjoy what he does love.  He was always eager to meet with her, and loved their conversations.  He’s also now a much better student, and loves to learn."                                                                                                           

Andrea C., Boston

My daughter is very shy and quiet, and had gotten behind in her school work.  Joan used her genuine interest to draw out my daughter’s personality, her interests, her skills, to help her write a beautiful college essay.  Joan used her humor and breadth of knowledge to engage my daughter and meet her where she is.  They often talked about my daughter’s other interests, that weren’t about school, and Joan knew how to use that connection to help my daughter feel more comfortable and confident to do her work, and do it well. Joan cares, and that makes a huge impact in a young person’s life!"    

Debbie H., Boston

Joan, I was a student of yours in high school, but not a very good student. I just want to let you know that I still refer to you as one of my top 3 life-changing educators. Thank you for listening to and respecting us. My oldest will be a freshman next year at BHS, and I can only dream that she will get a teacher half as committed to her as you were to all of your students....I am so GLAD you got back into teaching...Those are some really lucky kids that get tutored by you. With much love and respect..."

Shannon C, California

We are also so grateful for all that you have done for R.  He has learned so much from you, and gained so much confidence from working with you.  It will serve him well forever.  Mostly, though, you will always hold a special place in my heart as one of the cherished people along the way who looked long enough to see his gifts, and to really appreciate them.  I cannot thank you enough.   

AR, Boston

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